NCLEX Memory Hints: PPE

NCLEX Memory Hints: Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used any time there is risk of contamination. In facilities, there are guidelines for each type of situation and the PPE that is required. Much of this is determined by the CDC and other infectious disease organizations.

Gloves are required for any contact with body secretions and excretions.

Gowns are required for a bath or any type of activity where you will lean over the patient and contact might occur with body fluids.

Goggles are required any time there is a risk of splashing. 


Consider these two scenarios and what type of PPE you would wear? (Based on the textbook.) 

Textbook answers 

  • For both scenarios, you should have chosen gloves (which I am sure you did 😊). 
  • When changing an incontinent patient, there is risk of contamination to your clothing, and a gown should be worn, in addition to the gloves. 
  • When emptying a urinary catheter, there is a risk of contamination and splashing. Gloves, gown, and goggles would be appropriate.


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