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Cindy Liette, MS, APRN-CNS, CCRN-K


Cindy always wanted to be nurse and entered a diploma program immediately after high school. Working with multiple nurses, she quickly recognized the level of competence and compassion that she gravitated towards and wanted to emulate. She attended numerous educational programs as a new nurse and grew in the love of learning. After one of her employers asked her to present a program to the hospital nurses, her love of teaching grew.

In the process of continuously learning, she found seminars that were less than fulfilling and didn’t elevate knowledge or patient care. From there, she sought to always challenge others to learn at a higher level. As a lifelong learner, she found many references very complex and challenging to readily utilize the information at the bedside. With this she sought to take the complex and break it down so nurses would be able to incorporate knowledge into their practices.

As a clinical nurse, Cindy developed expertise and critical thinking. She quickly became a leader and mentor for other nurses during orientation times and in clinical situations. Nurses often told her she was the calming presence in critical situations. And if there was a situation in which she wasn’t calm, things were not going well. In deciding to go back to school, her master’s program was as a Clinical Nurse Specialist to work with nurses, providers, patients, families, and systems to improve the delivery of care. Taking care of patients and families has always been her priority. Even when she was the VP of Patient Care Services/CNO, she actively made clinical rounds and served as a resource to staff. In this role, she brought the administrative to the clinical and staff level. Staff knew she always had their back and advocated for quality care for staff as well as patients. Her belief was to always do the right thing even when the right thing was not the easy route.

Cindy’s vision is to make a difference and leave a dent in the universe. That might sound lofty, but she believes it is her calling. In, she strives to influence others to develop the passion for learning and quality care. To be the nurse you were meant to be and to take the steps to get there. To not be complacent but to matter in the care that is delivered to patients.


  • Diploma in nursing from Miami Valley Hospital School of Nursing
  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Wright State University
  • Master’s degree from Wright State University in the Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist tract

Career Roles

  • Bedside nurse in Medical-Surgical, ICCU, ED
  • Nursing Supervisor
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist/APRN
  • VP Patient Care Services/CNO
  • Educator and consultant

Recent seminar participants had this to say about Cindy

“This was a great review which will enable me to provide better care for my cardiac patients.  I have been reading rhythms for a long time and I finally understand some I had been having trouble with.”

“I enjoyed this class very much.  It was a great refresher of many rhythms commonly seen with an advanced understanding of them.  Some of the advanced rhythms, I have seen but was unable to recognize.”

“Fantastic refresher course with advanced material presented to further my knowledge.  Very interesting and educational and presented in a way I could understand it!” 

“I was not aware of some of these types of rhythms, but I know we do see them in our patients.  This is a complex topic that I will definitely go back and review and then continue to look at rhythm strips.  Thank you for presenting this class!” 

“Thank you for a very professional and excellent class!  I gained a lot of knowledge in this session that I will continue to develop.  I never realized how important looking at multiple leads was in rhythm analysis!” 

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