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BrainyNurses.com by Educational Concepts, LLC seeks to provide high quality seminars and on-demand video training to impact the knowledge and education of practicing nurses and nursing students alike.

Philosophy of BrainyNurses.com

Our philosophy is based on the health care industry as a rapidly changing profession. Advanced knowledge of health care professionals has a direct on the health of the population and the level of care given. Through the spheres of influence, advanced practice nurses can impact this knowledge and health as a practitioner, educator, consultant, researcher, and leader. Cynthia Liette, MS, APRN, ACNS-BC, CCRN founded Educational Concepts & BrainyNurses.com to provide high quality, evidence-based educational programs to bring that advanced level to the bedside to impact patient care outcomes.

She holds a master’s degree from Wright State University in the Adult Health Clinical Specialist track and is Board Certified as a CNS. She has an extensive background in multiple aspects of nursing including critical care, emergency room, and education. Her teaching background includes academic courses in pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, and medical-surgical nursing. Her research work focuses on shift workers and sleep deprivation. Her numerous seminars consistently receive excellent evaluations from all levels of health care professionals and students.


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