Clinical Application and Interpretation of Lab Values and ABGs

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CNE Credits: 6.75 Hours

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Lab values….lots of number to look at and yes, they do all make sense when you know what to look for. Using a physiologic approach, you will understand which lab values go together and why the various combinations exist.  Expected clinical manifestations and treatment modalities are also included as well as monitoring parameters to know when conditions are improving.  

As a result of completing this seminar, the nurse will understand the relationship of lab values to each other and to various pathological conditions.

The nurse will also be able to interpret sample ABG problems and determine appropriate interventions.

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Your Instructor

Cynthia (Cindy) Liette, MS, APRN-CNS, CCRN-K has been a nurse for more than 40 years. Her career focus has been the delivery of quality care by nurses who are knowledgeable and strive to be the best they can be.

She has always been directly involved in patient care even when serving in an administrative position. Cindy has spent her career making a difference through mentoring and being an inspiration to others. 

Diploma in nursing
Bachelor’s degree in nursing
Master’s degree in the Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist tract 

Career Roles
Bedside nurse
Clinical Nurse Specialist/APRN
VP Patient Care Services/CNO
Educator and consultant

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Recent seminar participants had this to say about
“Clinical Application and Interpretation of Lab Values and ABGs”

"The program has been very educational and fun.  It will help me be more knowledgeable in my every day practice and care of patients and in conversing with physicians.”

“Excellent instructor who was very knowledgeable and really brought everything together to be best utilized in the clinical setting.”

I will never look at values the same way again!  Love the systematic way of looking at lab values, putting them together in groups and correlating disease conditions with the abnormalities.” 

“I loved all the helpful ways to remember lab values and the pneumonics that were used.  The correlations are especially beneficial in looking at a patient’s initial diagnosis and then figuring out what else is going to be affected.”

“Initially, I was a skeptical about a full day of lab values but this pulled everything together, was clinically based, and very interesting.  Excellent instructor who brought everything to an understandable level! 

“I really needed this refresher.  The best part of the class was the clinical interpretation and lab values mixed in.  The ABG section was also especially good.  Thanks!”

“This is a very good program with lots of great information!  The detailed outline will serve as a great reference to go back to.  Thanks for simplifying so many labs including ABGs, anion gap and lactate levels!”

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This course is currently only available at in-person seminars. 

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