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Are you ready to conquer NCLEX but feeling a little overwhelmed?

Like most nursing students, you likely have a large stack of books from your nursing program and probably at least one (if not many) NCLEX Review tools in front of you right now...

It can be overwhelming to consider the amount of material you need to know.

Imagine a way to simplify all your studying.

To have everything in one neat package that will take you through ALL your NCLEX prep.

Everything you learned in school that you need to refresh before the exam...

- One book

- One resource

- Select test taking strategies

The Pearls for NCLEX Review

The only online program providing a comprehensive review of all aspects needed for NCLEX, featuring a full set of the training modules, plus videos, flashcards and other study resources that will make passing the NCLEX a breeze!

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Why The Pearls for NCLEX Review?


“This is a very condensed form of learning and is less stressful than trying to study from textbooks. I loved the format and the great strategies to remember information. It is a refresher in all aspects of nursing school that we took quite a long time ago.”

Lia J. BrainyNurses Student


When preparing for NCLEX, are you wondering which resource is going to make you the most successful? 

You have studied numerous textbooks and sat through so many lectures where the instructor just read the slides to you. You may have even purchased a review book written just like another textbook.

Is that what you want in an NCLEX Review?


The Pearls for NCLEX Review takes all that information and puts it into one comprehensive resource that is easy to read and retain. It is written in a simplified outline format with bolding of important concepts and critical information needed to be successful on the exam.

In this course, we provide you with options on how you want to study. Your chosen option(s) depends on your baseline knowledge, the type of learner you are, and the amount of time you are willing (and able) to put into an on-line course. The following describes the options and students can use all of them, however it matches your style. (All the options provide you with the knowledge and test-taking strategies to be successful.)

Some students want the experience of “attending” a 3-day review course with all content covered. Just like being in a “live” course with Cindy!

Our Comprehensive Program does just that.

All segments are divided into easily managed time frames with knowledge, visuals, test questions and strategies, and clinical scenarios that our students love to bring the classroom into the clinical environment.

Some students want a more abbreviated course while still getting important visuals of pathology and assessment along with test questions and strategies.

Our Concise Program provides this option.

You will still have the comprehensive textbook to reference all sections and with difficult systems, such as cardiovascular or neurological, you may choose to listen to some of the detailed segments from the Comprehensive Program.

And some students want the information but listening to on-line programming is not conducive to their learning style. If you are one of these students, you can go through the comprehensive textbook and supplement it with the Concise Review PDFs. You will still get visuals of pathology and sample questions with important test taking strategies.

As a student, you will also receive the Compact In-My-Pocket cards that tie all the important knowledge together. These include facts on pharmacology, procedures, lab and screening tests, pathophysiology, complications, assessment, and treatment. 

In total, you will do a complete knowledge-based review that is easy to remember and can be applied to practice questions and your NCLEX exam.

Complete online program

  • Comprehensive Review Book with online visual and audio components

  • A second, concise review, with visual and audio to reinforce vital knowledge to pass

  • Compact “In My Pocket” cards with concise information

  • You chose the way you want to study!

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What's Included?

The extensive program gives a comprehensive review of all aspects covered in the course and provides an invaluable study packet in addition to other resources the student will be using to prepare for the exam.

  • Test taking hints
  • Professional development
  • Fundamental skills
  • Principles of nutrition
  • Mental health issues
  • Endocrine system
  • Pulmonary system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Infections in acute care
  • Renal and urological systems
  • Acid base overview and review
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Connective tissue disorders
  • Neurological system
  • Gastrointestinal system
  • Accessory organs
  • Reproductive system
  • Maternity nursing
  • Pediatrics
  • Pharmacologic principles and medication administration
  • Pharmacology for each body system reviewed
  • Laboratory testing, normals, and abnormals to know for each system reviewed

Each system and area covered will include sample NCLEX questions to validate knowledge acquired and to assist the student in critical thinking through the answers.

What's Included?

The Pearls For NCLEX Review Workbook

→ Written in an outline format with bolding throughout

→ Includes easy to read tables which makes your review easier

→ Pharmacology covered in detail that is easy to review and retain. Generic and trade names are given to you in the text

→ Gives you the complete picture of all concepts and disorders you need to know

Value: $47

Comprehensive Video Series

→ Like you were live in a class with Cindy

→ Provides you all the knowledge, visuals, and test taking strategies

→ Includes clinical stories that our students love during our live sessions.

→ Incorporate everything you have learned in school and put it directly into real life

→ Follows the book with highlights and explanations

Value: $297

Concise Resources with Vital Knowledge

→ “Just the facts” for each concept, disorder, and drug classification with limited audio for each module

→ Visuals of disease pathology, clinical manifestations, and concepts

→ Only generic names in each pharmacology section

→ Essential knowledge that reinforces what you have learned in school and with review of the workbook

Value: $149

Compact Course Cards

→ “In My Pocket” resource cards our students love

→ Essential facts for each section including classic signs and symptoms and complications for disorders

→ Pharmacology review with generic names, drug interactions, adverse and side effects, and lab abnormalities

→ Lab review with all important numbers for you to know and screening tests in one resource

Value: $17

All in a single, easy-to-navigate resource with help on hand whenever you need!

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FACT: Almost 15% of students fail NCLEX the first time. 

(and failure rates on repeat attempts are currently at 40%!) 

How is The Pearls for NCLEX Review different from anything else available?

Get the critical facts and knowledge you need. Apply that knowledge with strategies to be successful during the exam.

Taught by an experienced clinical nurse specialist and passionate educator who breaks down complex information to make it easier to understand and remember.

Fully flexible to your needs and learning style.

Ongoing access for months prior to your exam.

Review the areas that you struggle with several times to give you confidence before the big day. 

More than 1500 visuals throughout the course.

Includes the most useful flashcards you have ever seen (our students love these!).

Our Students

“Wow! Cindy is the ‘’ of instructors! Very knowledgeable with lots of great tools to pass NCLEX. I would HIGHLY recommend Mrs. Liette and”

Alexandria D., BrainyNurses Student


“This was my 8th time to take the NCLEX exam. I had taken many other review courses and this one made it possible to fulfill my dream to become an RN.”

Justin A., BrainyNurses Student

“This is one of the best classes I have ever taken! The instructor, review book and power point were fantastic! The course brought everything together and taught me so many valuable techniques to answer questions.”

Beronia B., BrainyNurses Student


Results Guaranteed!

Your Investment is Fully Backed by Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We're so confident that if you complete this review you'll be successful on NCLEX.

And we're backing your purchase with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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Bonus 1: Personal Guidance From a Professional

Inside the course you'll find a number of discussion boards where you can ask your questions.

Not sure about a concept or need further clarification, just ask!

Bonus 2: 6 Months Access to All The Materials

Not sure when you'll get a seat to take your NCLEX? No problem.

You have a full six months to go through the course and revisit the material before your exam.

If your test date is delayed beyond your control, just reach out to us for a further extension!

Bonus 3: Lab Values and Diagnostics Review

Have difficulty remembering all the factors you need to remember?

This information packed card can be used well past NCLEX.

We have heard several nurses using it in their own clinical practice!

Bonus 4: Free Shipping

Get The Pearls for NCLEX Review Workbook delivered to any US address at no additional charge.

Act fast and it will be mailed in hours!

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✔ Comprehensive 18-Hour Review Video Course ($297 Value)

✔ Concise Review with Slides and Sample Questions ($149 Value)

✔ Compact Disorders and Pharmacology Flashcards ($17 Value)

+ Bonus Professional Guidance for Your Questions ($397 Value)

+ Bonus 6 Month Access to All Materials ($69 Value)

+ Bonus Lab Values and Diagnostics Review Card ($7 Value)

+ Bonus Free Shipping ($12 Value)

Total Value: $997

Today's Price: $297

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About Me

Hi, my name is Cindy Liette and I have been a practicing nurse for over 40 years.

Frustrated by the results I was seeing from my nursing students, I decided to do something about it. So, in 1995 I took that huge stack of books, looked at multiple review courses, read thousands and thousands of questions, and started teaching NCLEX review programs to nursing students throughout my area.

Since then I have taught over 15,000 nurses at in-person review seminars throughout the Midwest. And I have loved seeing the joy on a nursing student’s face when the information finally clicks in their brain.

The best part of doing in-person reviews was that I have been able to continuously develop and improve this review with the feedback that I’ve received.

I learned what students really needed, where they struggled the most, and had that real person-to-person interaction to make continuous improvements to the course.

The online program is taken directly from the in-person review, with the flexibility and convenience that online courses provide.

You are nearly at the end of a very long journey...

One that has already tested you and pushed you further than you ever thought possible.

That's no small accomplishment. But we both know it's not over until you have that license and are walking into your first day as a professional nurse.

It can feel a bit terrifying to think that your future rests on one exam. Believe me, I’ve been there before and in all my years of teaching I’ve encountered thousands of students just like you.

As we were putting the final touches on this online review, I looked up some of the most recent stats...

Just last year almost 23,000 first time, U.S. educated nursing school graduates failed the NCLEX.

For those repeating the exam, the failure rate averaged 44%

That's why you need a one-stop knowledge AND strategies-based course. One course that puts it all together for you.

That way you can pass the first time, put this stage of your journey in the rearview mirror, and start an exciting and fulfilling career as a professional nurse.

You can do it. And I would be proud and honored to help.

Get your copy of The Pearls for NCLEX Review today and I'll see you inside!

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“This is a very condensed form of learning and is less stressful than trying to study from textbooks. I loved the format and the great strategies to remember information. It is a refresher in all aspects of nursing school that we took quite a long time ago.”

Alicia D., BrainyNurses Student

“Wonderful program, especially if you felt like you didn’t understand everything clearly when it was presented in the nursing courses. I loved the strategies to figure out how to answer questions and going over the knowledge in the course that was related to the questions. The ‘In My Pocket” cards were amazing!”

Joshua T., BrainyNurses Student