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Comprehensive Rhythm Review and Clinical Application (6.75 CNE)

This seminar is designed to elevate the medical professional’s knowledge and ability to interpret rhythms.


Clinical Application and Interpretation of the 12-Lead ECG (6.75 CNE)

While 12-Lead interpretation can be very complex and “advanced”, the goal of this session is to enable the nurse or technician to perform an interpretation and apply it to the clinical setting.

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Advanced Dysrhythmias

Contact Hours: 6.75 CNE

The analysis of dysrhythmias is an important part of the care of cardiac patients. While many professionals take a basic class and begin reading monitors, there are numerous rhythms which were not covered in that initial class or that require a higher level of knowledge to interpret. The physiology behind rhythm changes and proarrhythmic effects will be presented to facilitate understanding of rhythm generation.

A systematic approach to rhythm recognition on strips and 12- Lead ECGs will be reinforced throughout along with clinical presentation, significance, and treatment options.

Drug therapy and electrical and invasive management will be reviewed including external and implantable pacemakers, trouble shooting, and functionality of the various types of implantable cardioverter defibrillators. The extensive text will be a ready reference after the course. A comprehensive “Putting It All Together” session is included to validate acquired knowledge.

A review of the following is incorporated into this interactive seminar:
• Bundle branch block and axis determination
• 12-Lead characteristics in complex tachycardias
• SA and AV nodal rhythms including heart blocks
• Sick sinus syndrome variations
• Complete heart block in atrial rhythms
• Atrial tachycardia and with block
• Types of ventricular tachycardia
• Pacemaker modes and trouble shooting
• Rate dependent BBB • AV dissociation
• Aberration
• Parasystole
• Brugada syndrome
• SA and AV nodal reentry
• Wolff-Parkinson-White
• Circus movement tachycardia

What People Are Saying:

This was a great review which will enable me to provide better care for my cardiac patients. I have been reading rhythms for a long time and I finally understand some I had been having trouble with.

Fantastic refresher course with advanced material presented to further my knowledge and practice. Very interesting, educational, and presented in a way I could understand it!

I enjoyed this class very much. It was a great refresher of many rhythms commonly seen with an advanced understanding of them. Some of the advanced rhythms, I have seen but was unable to recognize in the past.

Thank you for a very professional and excellent class! I gained a lot of knowledge in this session that I will continue to develop expertise in. I never realized how important looking at multiple leads was in rhythm analysis!

I was not aware of some of these types of rhythms, but I know we do see them in our patients. This is a complex topic that I will definitely go back and review and then continue to look at rhythm strips. Thank you for presenting this amazing seminar!

I now have a better understanding of dysrhythmias, potential causes, and treatments to help treat cardiac patients in a more holistic way. Working with chemotherapy patients, we definitely see some weird rhythms, and this will help me in the interpretation.

Excellent course reinforcing some rhythms I have been aware of in the past and introducing others that I have not been trained on. This will help me be more accurate in my interpretation of rhythm strips and will pay more attention to multiple leads when looking at them.

Excellent handout for the course! Loved all the interactive activities and clinical application.