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Critical Care and Rapid Response Topics

Contact Hours: 13.5 CNE


This popular seminar is devoted to the many situations health care professionals deal with which requires astute assessment skills and rapid collaborative interventions. Conditions covered are applicable to medical personnel working in Intensive Care, Advanced Care, ED, Perioperative, and Medical-Surgical. It is essential for those training to care for critically ill patients and those desiring to increase their knowledge to effectively intervene to prevent progression to cardiac arrest. The physiology of numerous systems is reviewed along with applicable enhanced assessment skills, critical thinking, drug therapy, appropriate interventions, outcome monitoring, and case study reviews.

A review of the following is incorporated into this interactive seminar:
• Primary and secondary surveys
• Critical assessments and interventions
• Essentials in traumatic injuries
• Rapid assessment in children
• Diagnostic testing in seriously ill
• Respiratory system
• Electrophysiology
• Cardiovascular system
• Acute coronary syndrome
• Advanced heart failure
• Disorders of the pericardium
• Sepsis and the shock syndromes
• Gastrointestinal system
• Surgical complications
• Neurological system
• Altered cerebral perfusion
• Infectious neurological disorders
• Spinal cord injuries
• Burn and electrical injuries
• Glycemic emergencies
• Metabolic disturbances
• Electrolyte imbalances

What People Are Saying:

This was a great review of so many conditions that are routinely encountered in the clinical environment. I feel I will be better able to recognize signs of deterioration, such as respiratory failure, and start early interventions to prevent the patient from going into cardiac arrest. Thank you!

I will definitely incorporate all of the advanced (and important) assessments covered in the various clinical conditions. I really enjoyed the 12-Lead ECG and pharmacology reviews. Also, the review of sepsis, current protocols, and laboratory monitoring.

Excellent instructor with exceptional knowledge and a great teaching style. I learned a lot that will impact patient outcomes and I loved the case study reviews to put the knowledge all together and stay engaged. My critical thinking has definitely grown because of this.

This was a wonderful class! The topics were very relevant and reflected what is encountered by ED and ICU nurses, nurses in PACU, and nurses on the medical surgical units. The written material is exceptional, and I learned a ton of information in two short days.

This class provided more in-depth assessment skills and an extensive knowledge base that will help me to better critically think in the care of my patients. I loved all the visuals of disease pathology and the ECG examples!

I have worked emergency room for a number of years. This seminar reinforces so many important points and knowledge I had forgotten. I will definitely be a more effective nurse for my patients.

This was a very informative class! Helps me care for patients more effectively and recognize critical changes in them. The case studies were excellent in bringing everything together!

What a great review! I think all ED, ICCU, and progressive care nurses should take this class every couple of years. Great handout to help during the session and for future reference.